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Dudu & Phil


In 1986 a friendship was born… A friendship never broken but instead strengthened over the years. A friendship of now thirty year born in Martinique at Fort De France where two young man in the French Navy met.


Young and passionate about sports, Philippe and Dudu played numerous types of sports together over the years, from soccer to rugby to handball to scuba diving.


In the French military, running was a requirement every morning. It was not always fun but at least it was effective to keep people in shape and little that they knew they were going to be addicted.


So It all started with a 10k, followed by a half marathon and then a full marathon. It even seems that with age they were getting better. Who would have known !







However, Le Marathon Des Sable is a whole different story where the mental challenge is as high as the physical challenge.


The course is 250km where participant must be self-efficient when it comes to food and equipment. A course in the middle of the desert where the temperature goes from 120 during the day to 50 at night. A course where sand storms hit without an agenda but where you will also find the most beautiful landscape and where men and women come together to support a cause and to be part of an incredible adventure.


This course will challenge and push people to their limits but will also remind us that nothing is impossible or unachievable.


People who have run the marathon before often say that they are changed forever.


But more than a personal accomplishment, our desire is fueled by the satisfaction of knowing that this adventure will allow underprivileged children, without future to be able to read, write, learn and become the women and men of the future generations. 




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