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Nathalie lost her battle against lung cancer at the age of 53.


She was a beautiful and strong woman who never stopped giving her love and affection even through the pain and struggle of this terrible disease…


The district of Vaney 87 in Port-au-Prince, Haîti has lost his loving Godmother.


After a trip in 2005, she fell in love with the people and in 2010 after Haiti was hit by an earthquake, her desire to help and support grew even stronger.


Nathalie quickly realized that the children’s education was key in order to help the island’s economy to grow and that kids who would be able to read, write and go to school would have a greater impact.


After putting together a fundraiser back home, she was able to raise money and give the children the chance of an education. Thanks to her efforts and motivation, children are now able to study to become one day doctors, nurses or teachers.


Nathalie was simply a ray of sunshine. She loved life and would never go one day without laughing or making others laugh. Her actions put smiles on the children of Haiti as well.


This adventure of the 33rd Marathon Des Sables will allow us to raise funds and to continue the dream that Nathalie had before this terrible disease took her.


Every inch run during the Marathon des Sables will be in the loving memory of Nathalie and for her charity « Une CLE pour Haïti ». Every pain endured during this course and every drop of sweat will be to provide pencils, books, pens, help build the library or even pay a teacher’s salary.


You can show your support by becoming a sponsor, by becoming a godmother or godfather or by simply donating.


And remember, every penny matter and anything helps.


If you would like to donate to the charity or become a Godmother or Godfather, please follow the link bellow: (website under construction)


From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your love, generosity and support. ​




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